Calibration Devices - H2S

The calibration with H2S/Sulphide standard solutions, produced by step by step dilution of a stock solution, is uncertain because of the high reactivity of such solutions. These disadvantages could be avoided, if the standard solutions are generated electrochemically.

The H2S-/Sulphide generator allows the stepless and dynamic on line production of standard solutions with very high accuracy and reproducibility at variable flow rates. A weight out of highly instable analyte substances (e.g. Na2S) is not necessary. Accidents in the laboratory caused by the production of highly concentrated stock solutions may be avoided, because only really needed small amounts of highly diluted H2S standards are generated.
Because in any case oxygen-free carrier solutions are needed, the generator is available in two versions: one with integrated degassing device and another one without. The generator without degassing device requires solutions permanently bubbled with inert gas (nitrogen or argon).

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