About Us

AMT Analysenmesstechnik GmbH was founded in April 1994 and is a manufacturer of electrochemical measuring and calibration devices for the use in laboratories, industrial applications, research and development and for environmental monitoring in natural waters. Since 2002 AMT GmbH is also engaged in the business field of development of fuel cell stacks for underwater use.

Furthermore AMT has developed a wide range of products ranging from simple, yet flow through measuring systems to high precision and submersible micro-sensors in order to offer an optimised and complete measuring systems for analytically difficult water analysis. Examples are innovative electrochemical sensors, such as for instance micro-sensors for the in-situ determination of H2S/Sulphide and for the very fast profiling of O2, but also pH- and redox-combined electrodes for deep sea use and complete submersible probe systems for vertical or horizontal profiling which can be equipped with sensors as you like.

Because only the accurate calibration of the sensors ensures a high quality of the results, AMT offers also electrochemical generators for the dynamic and stepless on-line generation of oxygen, hydrogen or hydrogen sulphide/sulphide standard solutions. These devices are available for sale or can be used within our calibration service. So, AMT Analysenmesstechnik GmbH makes a contribution for high quality analysis.